KB GOLD (EN) The Monetary GOLD value of course !


What benefits do you get from KB KAPITAL GOLD ?

- You can save from 50 €/month GOLD for yourself or your children !
- You can exchange a quantity of Euros into GOLD !
- FREE registration and no money to disburse !

Where is your gold ?

Either :
- You get your GOLD home from 1 gram of GOLD
- You ask KB to keep in Cases With UBS located in the mountain of Saint Gothard and under surveillance !
(This GOLD is regularly monitored by the authorities that verifies that your gold is physically present and not just on paper)

How do I know this GOLD have real value ?

- With your gold you receive a certificate of authenticity SWITZERLAND 999.9 for quality !

What I earn to save GOLD or exchange my Euros in GOLD ?

- You decide to exchange your gold in Euros that you want or the KB takes you to the current price.
   (The difference between the price of your trade and current price is your profit)
   Knowing that for over 100 years of GOLD is rising !
- You can talk about you and KB thank you by giving you the Euros you can convert into GOLD !


Building a secure future, based on our currency, is pure fiction, look at how your bank gives you your account Eparges today !

Gold is the evidence, because to date it has been the only stable currency which is trading at a price today !

The value of gold has steadily increased and according to experts it is not over !

Spare gold is a safe value, for your Euros are eaten by inflation !

- Saving for Gold from 50 € / month for you or your children

- or to convert an amount of Euros in Gold

- and/or to become a franchisee ONLY without any investment now or later !

Become a Franchise Broker KB-GOLD FOR FREE !

A plan of income that pays you 6 different ways !

Invite others to secure its assets or foreign currency, converted into monetary gold and you will receive income every month as a dealer in Gold Currency, except that you get much more, and it is not necessary having access to the profession.

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Gold Money Manager KB
KB identity
KB GP Name : Alain Christiaens
KB GP Nummer : 70225
KB GP email : alain.christiaens@gmail.com